Other Products

Other Products

White Fish

We offer White Fish for Our Bangladeshi or South Asian Ethenic community in overseas countries. Larger Fishes are processed in Gutted Whole / Headless, Fillet, Steak etc as IQF form and Smaller Fishes are processed in Block Frozen and packed 10Kgs or 20Kgs Master Carton or as per Buyer instruction.

Fresh Water Fish: Raw IQF/Block Frozen/Fillet Fresh Water Fish-Ruhu, Ayre, Boal, Pabda, Tangra, Keski, Star Baim, Long Baim, Moila, Deshi Puti, SharPuti, Bacha, Baila, Meni, Taki, Shoil, Kakila, Rita, Lasso, Bata, Tapashi, Bashpata, Chelapata, Chapila, Chiring, Buzuri, Doratana, Gulsha, Gutum, Khoilsha, Foli, Rani, Latia, Poa, Tiny Shrimps, Koi, Shing, Magur, Pangus, Mrigal, Chital, Nola, Batashi.

Sea Fish: Raw IQF/Block Frozen/Fillet SW Fish-Silver Pomfret, Ribbon Fish, Tongue Sole, Spanish Macherels, Cuttle Fish, Black Pomfret, Hilsha Fish, Conger EELS, Big Eye Hilsha, Yellow/White-Croakers, Queen Fish, Barammundi, Red Snapper, Black Trip/Indian Dog/Hammar Head/Saw Shark Meat and Sting Rays Meat, Barracuda, Groupers and Snapers.

Mud Crabs & Yellow Eels

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