Quality Policy

Quality Control Policy

We have our own Quality Control Team headed by Mr. Md. Kabir Hossen, Government certified “Marine Fisheries Technologist”. Members of the Team and QC Inspectors are well trained in HACCP, BRC, ISO22000:2005 and having a track record for working as the Quality Controller and Inspector in different Seafood Industries in Bangladesh. After placing the order, we are always present at the respective processing plant during production and maintaining the quality in every step of processing i.e. receiving the raw materials from the traceable and authentic sourcing, grading, weighing, panning, freezing, packing, and storage.

Pre-shipment Inspection and Loading Supervision

Finally, we conduct a pre-shipment inspection on each and every consignment at a random sampling basis and make an inspection report which we forward to our principal for approval of the shipment. So that our customers are confirmed what kind of product they are getting before the shipment. Then, we take the necessary steps to ship the consignment and load the cargo under our supervision and ensure that packaging is in good condition, the temperature of cargo is accurate for shipment, and the temperature of the container is at the desired level for transportation to the destination.

Government Quality Policy

Fish Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC) the local government sanitary/health authority of Bangladesh provides the health certificate which reflects the fact that the products are pass from all kind of Microbiological Test, Chemical Test and ready for export. The fields of analysis are TPC, Coliform, Faecal coliform, Salmonella, Melanosis and Vibrio cholera, Chloramphenicol, Metabolites Nitro furans, Tetracycline/ Malachite Green/ Crystal Violet.

Third Party Inspection

Pre-Shipment inspection and survey by SGS, Baltic Control, Lloyds or Intertek on request of Buyer.

Social Obligations

We are concerned about society and the world in which we live. We strongly condemn child labor, the inhumane working and living conditions of the workforce, pollution and environmental exploitation. We promote the dignity of work, adequate hygienic conditions and the well-being of all concerned, especially when we choose the factory with which we work. We encourage the use of biodegradable and reusable materials for all packaging. We do not buy or supply products produced in such factories that do not care about society.

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